The Sunday Currently 02 | Sequel

11/15/2015 10:43:00 PM

I've unintentionally skipped last Sunday currently post because of a busy schedule. I've been invited to a blogger's event (see Aozora) and then I went straight to our youth event gathering every month, UNITE-CICF. Anyway, today I'll try to make up for last week's post. So let's start..

I've been reading blogs lately, various kinds. Mostly food reviews to update myself on new restaurant alerts and what's trending. That's what keeping me busy the past weeks.
No time to continue the book I was reading before.

Sunday currently volume 2 and other pending blog posts//food-resto reviews.

to the sound of my electric fan, keyboard while typing and the television which was outside my room (parentals currently watching KMJS).

of making my blog logo. I know how to use Photoshop (basics) but I think I would still need a logo-making-for-dummies tutorial or I have the option to ask my friend to make one for me hope she's not too busy. But she's always busy (mas busy pa sa presidente!)

the scent of Pantene 3-minute miracle conditioner I use. I love how it smell, long lasting.

that this will be a start of something new, it feels so right to be here with you oh oh! (uy napakanta) #HSMusical. That this blog would continue to fly high. #DreamBIG

That everyone was safe now with the terrorism attack--sending my prayers to Paris.
I also hope that one of my bebe sister (church mate) was feeling okay now. I hope she knew I'm a true friend and I understand what she's going through I hope I could make her happy.

I just got home so my hair was still with curls and again, I just change into my pambahay (shorts and sando).

What I'm feeling right now, I just feel positive and happy. THANK YOU LORD!
Also, the Alpha course UNITE (youth) for batch 2 was already finished! #findme

(c) Edgar Roberto
to continue feeling positive the next days.

I do also want to go check out this new cafe in Alabang I've been eyeing for almost 3 weeks now which I was suppose to go to today but had been nixed. Oh well, marami pa namang time. 

mooooooooooooore time! Time to do my backlog posts and to have my spare time to watch Awkward and The Mindy Project I've been missing two weeks in a row already and this new movie 'Everyday I Love You'.

AWESOME and Inspired! Hope everyone was feeling the same too! :)

Spread good vibes and Join the Sunday Currently link up by siddathornton!

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