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11/01/2015 08:47:00 PM

Hey Folks! 
It's the first of November, and it's almost Christmas! *Silver Bells*
So, I finally found the time to write my very first volume of The Sunday Currently thread started by a blogger named Siddathornton which I knew from Maine Mendoza's blog (Who is she? She's just the super-mega-fastest-rising star in the Philippines to date. She's famous for her Dubsmash videos). Ooh, I think it would be another article soon.
Anyway, my Sundays mainly consist of church activities and/or food trips with friends (church mates mostly) I hope I would be able to keep this up.
So here goes my Sunday Currently..

Different blog posts and articles about AlDub (to be discussed on other article soon). Still not yet finished reading "The Probability of Love at First Sight". I started the book 3 months ago and still on page 28/144. Sorry to disappoint myself but I am too preoccupied the past months because of work and extra curricular activities (AlDub stuff & blogging).

Oh wait I have also just watched The Silver Linings Playbook after reading the book, the adaptation was actually good, but I still prefer the book.

My first slice of The Sunday Currently.

Just the sound of the electric fan and some dogs barking.

Hmmm.. well so much things going on in my mind, but I'm now thinking of finishing the book that I have started months ago. Also, my savings. I need to be more thrifty since I had spent big time (yes, VIP tickets) on the upcoming concert of Bryan White: God Gave Me You Tour. #fangirling #aldubnation

Earlier in church we had to shoot for the upcoming Winter Camp (youth camp usually happens on December) with theme "I am Unstoppable" and I am thinking if I did a good job on my spiel since I haven't watched it yet (medyo impromptu tapos kailangan pa serious-fierce face. Oh Tyra!). Nakakahiya talaga pag madaming nanonood tas manunukso pa, but I commend my self for bracing being fierce. I'll post it soon don't worry. But here's a sample. ;)

Just plain nothing.

For good things to come my way this week. And to get my previous weight back. :(
#kainpamore #puyatpamore

I gave justice and had a nice shot on the shoot earlier.
Get my ROI the soonest possible.
For a productive week ahead and healthy week ahead.

my usual pambahay/pantulog, shorts and sando.

Everything I have-- Family, Friends, Things.

To go on a vacation. Out of town puh-lease??
Or get one of these.. so lovely.
photo from facebook

God's direction and guidance. Clear my mind and know where to go.

the need to be productive. Do what I need to and resist staying up late (which happens always). #helloeyebags #internet

Also, I'm happy I get to spend the week with my dad and brother. :)

Happy week ahead everyone!

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