#JACKIEATS | A Fun Dining Spot at Aguirre Ave, KANTORI YAKITORI!

1/27/2016 10:37:00 AM

Aguirre Avenue, said to be the South's Maginhawa version, has had a long line of restaurants and cafes that if you're a lucky homeowner, you might just wanna stay and hangout inside the village itself because almost everything's available there.

Adding to the restaurants was a new tambayan everyone would love to hangout. It's name has been derived as a yakitori place in the kanto ( kanto - a filipino word for "corner", also a place in Japan), hence called, KANTORI YAKITORI.
Has an nice alfresco area for those who wants fresh air and smoke.

This ain't a fine dining place but rather a FUN dining tambayan that offers exciting inventions, and out of this world dishes that would make you go and be a tambay here often. Cocktails, beer and other alcoholic drinks here make non-alcohol drinkers like me would really wanna order some.

Chef Kelly, the head chef and one of the owners explained to us what's with Kantori Yakitori and how does it differ from other resto-bar-diner. She is the mastermind of the well-curated dishes and cocktails along with two of the co-owner slash friends.

Starting our meal with a Pineapple-infused sake (P78 for single 60ml; P308 for sharing 240ml), tastes like pineapple with a little kick of apple cider vinegar and seems like it has soda in it. Comes with a shot glass in a mini ice box which is really cute.

Next came in was their Okonomiyaki (P148), I really love okonomiyaki (which I also made one myself here) and their version didn't failed. A savory japanese style pancakes with kewpie, bonito flakes (that looks really alive when put on hot food), bacon and cabbage with a kick of spice and a nice layers of textures.

A beer cocktail which they called Kantori Radler (P108) has Brew Kettle and a dash of calamansi which makes it more interesting. Nice combo!

Another one came and got me like, I want to drink this glass alone. Ladies and gents, this is Mango Beer Mojito (P108). Pale pilsen, rum, mango, mint, brown sugar and lime makes this wonderful cocktail. Love it because it just taste mango shake with a little kick of mint and that crushed iced makes it more awesome. Light and sweet.

A skewered balls then appeared on the table which happens to be their version of a deconstructed  sushi called Sushi Fire Ball (P58/stick). I do recommend this for anyone especially those who are not a sushi person like myself. the nori is actually like a topping and on the inside was the rice with kimchi I guess, cheese, breaded and fried then dipped in the spicy mayo super yum! A piece was filling.

Another awesome treat was this BFF "Best Furikake Fries" (P98), zesty fries topped with nori, wasabi tartare and furikake. It leveled up the french fries game. Major thumbs up!

Last cocktail of the night was the BEERGARITA (P108), asahi with tequila, lime and syrup (sugar syrup maybe?). Just the right amount of sweetness and bitter taste. 

As Chef Kelly said, they just want the isaw and not the other things in it.

SHIRO (intestines) (P48/stick) was not your usual isaw sa kanto, as you can see it is cut in half  (look at the layers), cleaned, grilled and top with kewpie come with tare sauce and egg yolk. The cleanest isaw I've tasted so far.

Then came the highlight of the night with a long yakitori sampler plate comes with tare sauce and fresh egg yolk which you need to mix before you dip anything. Really has interesting flavour in it. 
The sampler consists of:
UZURA (P48/stcik),  quail eggs and nice crispy chicken skin, just a little burnt but still flavorful.
NASU (P38/stick), eggplant, karaage, tobiko, kewpie and bonito flakes crisp fried panko breaded. This eggplant has its game on!
SAIKORO BEEF JAPAN (P148/stick) tender and succulent beef authentically from Japan marinated in shio.

A new hangout spot every tambayers must go to because of the chill vibe, cool cocktail menu and of course who would resist the well curated yakitoris they offer specially the isaw and eggplant. And I do look forward to try the tofu and the shiitake soon because they ran out of stock that day. 

Just click on it for a bigger version.

Kanpai for Team Aldous!

Disclaimer: The cocktails were served with shot glasses each for taste test. I didn't and I couldn't consume those big jars.

#51 Unit D Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes
Email: kantoriyakitori@gmail.com
Operating Hours: Friday-Saturday 5PM-2AM; Other days: 5PM-12AM; Monday Closed

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  1. Nice to meet you Jackie, hope to bump into you again in the future food spotting:) Joy of GastronomybyJoy.com

    1. Nice meeting you too Mommy joy! See you next time :)


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