#JACKIEWANDERS | Corregidor Island & Bataan!

5/24/2014 01:39:00 AM

Travel date: December 14-15, 2013
Departure time from Manila: 3am
Arrival time in Bataan port to Corregidor: 6:30am-7am

Trekking in Corregidor Island is power-stirring and sweat-dripping experience that I could not forget. We opted not to rent a tour bus 'cause its a bit expensive for just 4 persons and to maximize our tour time. It is not easy to find the locations we needed to go to--we got lost and hungry along the way--thank God we brought water and snacks while trekking. Tour guides on our last stop was so kind to let us ride in the tourist bus--heard that coast guards was already looking for us--because it's about 2pm and really needed to get back to the port, so going back was fast & furiously feet-ralaxing-moment. I really wanna come back to get some souvenirs, snapshots and to see the culture.

And we went straight to the hotel to check in wait till our bags and our room ready. Rest a little. Then go straight to the market to buy pasalubong goodies, unfotunately the market especially the pasalubong area was already closed because its already late in the afternoon.

After filling our belly with sweets we now go to the town proper called Central Plaza Mall. A vintage spanish era-ish kind of building it was just look at the photos. It was also beside the municipal hall and also a wide plaza in the center which many people go to for "pasyal" or bonding time with loved ones.

8am, the next day, we went to bird sanctuary which because of tiredness of the trekking we had at Corregidor we woke up late and see just a few batches of the birds. A little sightseeing, sand writing and few photo ops then we went back to the market for the pasalubong.

At last, we found the pasalubong goodies to bring home. The locals said that ARARO Cookies was bataan's specialty so I bought 3 tubs with an original flavor and cashew. I know that this was also called Uraro in manila a milky cookies that was really a melt-in-your-mouth treat with just the right amount if sweetness and crunch I recommend that never miss this when you go to Bataan.
 Also colorful rice cakes or kalamay was also a good pasalubong for my mom so I bought ube, white, yellow and brown colored. Another of Bataan's product was dried seafood. Dried fishes like Tinapa, Bangus, and Tuyo are some of the many you would find.

Last stop before departing bataan was Mt. Samat National Shrine which we luckily find a tricycle to take us there because jeeps are not available. A very steep road we found going to the top before reaching the gate we had to go down the tricycle and walk because it was really really steep and the tricycle couldn't go up with us in there anymore.

And atlast we arrived to the top, I don't expect to walk any longer but to reach the cross you need to trek a little more to get to the top. A little more perseverance goes a long way. Thank God for elevators! To get to the top part of the cross you need to either climb the stairs, but I think they don't anymore allow it, good. So we fall in line and wait for our turn to be at the top.
The view was mesmerizing and you'll feel the cold wind breeze. Woah we're too near to the sky.

There was also a small museum there that you may enter but photographs are not allowed, how sad.
Passing by Bataan Friendship Tower on the way to the bus terminal going home.

I think there's more to Bataan than the famous death march, the surroundings and the locals are friendly. It's a breath of fresh air for me amidst a busy me in manila. Hope to get back there again and looking forward to visit the Pawikan Conservation Center in Morong.

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