#JACKIEATS | PINK PANDA Found in Makati, PH!

6/07/2017 11:08:00 AM

Did you know that panda did exist in the PH? Am I kidding you? Of course not! What Am I talking about? Read on..

Just recently I discovered this panda along Makati and trust me it didn't disappoint. This panda has been here in Ph for about 2 years now. Yes! You know it, it's the Pink Panda which is a resto that Erwan Heussaf and his team brought us.

The place has a nice interriors, it has a rustic and comfy feel and with Asian touches, yes that Vietnamese hat and the bike.

Dining Area

Drinks/Bar Corner

The Hat and Bike

Now same question why did they call the place Pink Panda, well for the reason that panda has been ought to represent asia right? cause its found, yes, only in asia, likewise, the restaurant's menu offering. Which I'm super delighted in trying out.

Here's what we got for dinner..

 Lemon and Lemongrass (P120)

Fast and Furious (P120) is a cocktail drink.

Lime Juice (P110)

Pandan and Lemon (P120)

We had those drinks to cleanse our palette in between bites of goodness. Moving on here's what we feasted..

Lumpia + Shanghai + Anghang = Lumpiang Shang Hang (P145), lumpiang shanghai obviosly leveled on with the chillies. 

Crispy Baby Squid (P180) I would never know that it has this plum glaze that coats it making it salty and sweet with a hint of soury taste.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see orange balls, pinoys? Yes of course, basketball! Hahaha nope I'm just kidding. Of course its kwek-kwek (fried quail egg batte, one of pinoy's all time favorite tuhog-tuhog (streetfood). But wait sorry to dissappoint you but this time my tuhog-tuhog's just got better and upgraded with Pink Panda's Chilli Prawn Fried Dumpling (P210) 
laksa was my favorite of all the food that was served because it just not captured my taste buds but also my heart! The great balance of flavour was there with a right kick of spiciness and creaminess of the coconutty soup.

Pork and Shrimp Laksa (P245) Is EVERYONE'S FAVORITE (all caps for more emphasis) for the night! Creamy, spicy, rich and balanced are all the adjectives that posseses this bowl of greatness! I'm craving everytime I remember this like right now.

Chicken and Dumpling Noodle (P240) is for you if you are a clear broth and mami kind of person.

Pad Thai (P285) when you are missing Thailand like me. Have yourself a bowl of this Thai streetfood.

Mango and Catfish Salad (P220) when you want something sour-y and fishy but you can't tell.

Pink Panda Pork Bun (P190) nontheless the cutest siopao *drum roll please*  the Panda Siopao ladies and gents! I almost dont want to eat it cause I just want to stare at it. I thought however that it's something for dessert that it has a chocolaty inside well I thought wrong, because its more of on the savory side, its an asado type of panda poa instead. It's as yummy as it looks.

Crispy Beef Rendang (P220) creamy and saucy is what I like about this dish not to mentiom the tenderness of the beef and right mixed of flavor.

General P's Chicken (P220) if you want sweet and spicy this is yours to grab.

Something new for me was the Sisig Siopao (P220) which is also a crowd performer itself as it has a yolk at the top like our usual sisig topped with runny egg. This time the egg sits on top of the siopao bun which excites me so, I voluntered to crack the yolk and the bun half to see a live explosion exposing the inside which was the actual sisig. The sisig itself is your normal saucy sisig but as a whole I enjoyed eating it. Sisig on a bun that's something!

Panda Balls (P120)

Their version of my favorite snack from Bulacan where my lolo and lola lived. Everyone's pica-pica dessert 'buchi' where ininstead of the usual monggo or ube, they filled it with peanut butter and jelly or dark chocolate. When everyone was rooting for dark chocolate filled --which was surprisingly sooo delish-- my turn to get and take a bite and answered prayer I got dark choco two times in a row. Woooooh! Obviously that's a must try flavor. ;)

It was such a  long, nice and very filling evening with Pink Panda thank you for having us. It was a yummy experience, and I'll be back for the Laksa!

Pink Panda Southeast Asian Diner
Ground Floor, Y2 Residence Hotel, 4687 Santiago Corner B. Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati City
Contact no.: 09277288753

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