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As early as February I saw that the infos about the World Streetfood Congress and I was delighted that it would be held first time here in the Philippines. Thank God, Philippines was now considered and chosen.

Filipinos are now all of a sudden a hungry foodie nation that's always open to try everything the food scene has to offer. For the past three consecutive years it was held in Singapore but now the WSFC (shortened World Streetfood Congress) opted for a new crowd to display what the world street food scene has to offer. But of course they got a good decision of choosing the Philippines for this year.

From April 20-24, 4pm till midnight foodies may try this gastronomic adventure happening at 9th ave. cor Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City. Hawker food stalls offering food around the globe are participating as well as some live entertainment (live bands, food demos, etc.) awaits every gastro-venturer.

Our Experience
We went there the first day and boy, the line is crazy! It is super long (refer to blurry pics above sorry I was still in the car) that me and my friends become hesitant on entering.
But my other friend volunteered to get out there and line up while we were finding a parking space things had been pretty smooth for us. We spotted a parking nearby and the line is not long just 2 cars ahead of us. It's already past 8pm and just the right time when we reached the line where our friend was, and it was near the entrance already. Yay! We gotta enter that fast, witty move! Also the lines were that long because they control the number of people inside.

Upon entering a lot of people was already inside while partying/chilling with Up Dharma Down playing live on stage just in time for a good music (tadhana please?).

Searching for food to try and where to line up was chaos. Oh, my banana! It was difficult to see the menu on each of the stall. I am getting lost and the temperature's getting hot. The food stalls were few, small and were compressed in a small area.

Until my friend spotted the Churros (P180) and she lined up then I still look for what will I try, and I saw the laksa oh but it was already sold out, sadness. I opted to line up for the mixed seafood omelette instead called Hay Tard (P220). After 5mins. my friend called and we both agree and decided to just eat in a decent restaurant. 

So we only had tried the Churros, three medium pieces of fried pastry dough covered in cinnamon sugar (ugh, didn't I mention I don't like cinnamon?) with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream some candy sprinkles and drizzled with chocolate syrup. The churro itself was cooked perfectly crunchy on the outside but I just don't like cinnamon :( still I finished it because I am too hungry to be choosy and the price is higher here.

The water alone is P30 per bottle which is less than P20 in a convenient store so just bring your own water and save it to spend for food instead.

Nevertheless, the experience is good and new but I guess it could be more organized but considering it's a first here in Philippines hopefully next time they already know what to expect.

Arrive the earliest to avoid long lines and you could took great pictures as well. Bring your own drink or water jug. Be patient. ENJOY!

This event is still on-going until sunday April 24, 4pm till midnight 9th ave. cor Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City

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