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3/10/2016 12:06:00 AM

And so for another food find in a new foodie haven let's go for mediterranean cuisine here at Sultan.

I am actually surprised with the lineup of restaurants, cafes, and food shops at San Juan specifically along Wilson and P. Guevarra street. So many food hubs had popped up in this place since the last visit almost 2 years ago with friends which we dined at Cafe Ysabel.

Sultan Mediterranean Grill branched out on a new location at San Juan in Wilson street. It's a location perfect for lunch or dinner dates where you can bring someone special or your family better if have your own car for convenience. Or hail a cab if you are a commuter like me.
I rode a shuttle from
Greenhills then alight at Tea Top Milktea shop when going back to Greenhills I just rode a taxi because I couldn't find a shuttle anymore.

Some white and nice abstract tiles as decors, and few medieval pictures hang on the walls complementing the minimalist and industrial interior they have.

The starter of the night was Combination of three dips (P250), instead of chickpeas they used lentils and olive oil, 3 different mixes of flavors to choose from: Hummus, Baba Ghanouj and Tzatziki (don't worry, I used google to spell out those hihi). 

Vitamin Boost

Shirazi Salad
Followed by a very refreshing salad selection, Vitamin Boost (P250) and Shirazi Salad (P120), great for cleaning the palette before heading on to the mains and also in betweens. But for me, it's the Vitamin Boost I like more with cranberry and chunks of grilled chicken along with quinoa on a orange-cranberry dressing.

Moussaka (P220) is a dish that was really heavenly. An eggplant lasagna, Greek-style was a traditional dish made with minced beef, eggplant, cheese in between layers. On point, flavorful and very good with pita. I recommend you try this.

Chicken Curry (P230) mediterranean style is really different to your mom's homestyle curry because it full packed combination of herbs and spices cooked along with coconut milk to a nice consistency.

Beryani Rice
Lobia Rice
Rices served are Beryani Rice (P80) cooked with some persian herbs and spices and Lobia Rice (P100) with string beans and chicken and some mediterranean flavor.

Sizzling Plates-Lamb Chops (P350), lamb chops drizzled in gravy that was infused with some spices and mushroom. Nice and tender.

Speaking of soft and tender nothing beats this Braised Lamb Shanks (P550), enormous, bone-in meat is a very succulent and tender, as in tender as your pillow (chos lang). This is a must! 

Another must is this Kebab Platter (P580), choice of meats we got beef koobideh, lamb and chicken kebab. What I really like most is the beef koobideh, it was said to be minced beef and molded sausage-like shape. This can be shared with a group of four great with pita or rice alongside their sauces.

And of course a this seedy and pulpy smoothie has got the real thing in it. Mixed Berries Yoghurt Shake (P100).

They are also giving free scoop of ice cream of your choice when you posted a photo and tag them. Just show the post to the waiting staff and instantly you got your ice cream.

Here I have Nuts & Roses (P60), ice cream which I got curious because of the name expecting something floral in it yet there's none though it's still yummy and nutty, which I like, pistachios and somewhat taste like caramel-vanilla fusion. But hopefully they put even like a petal as a design, just to live up to the name.

It was all new to me as I am not used to eating greek and/or mediterranean cuisine, but this sure was one good intro for me to came back and try other mediterranean food. Good value for money and the interiors were so fab. Thanks Sultan!

190 A Wilson Street, Greater San Juan, San Juan City
Contact no: +63 2 894 5909 
Email: hello@sultan.ph

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