#JACKIEWANDERS | Discovering God's Awesome Artwork--Creation

3/02/2016 08:15:00 PM

It is really amazing how big the earth is. The places that you've been to was nothing compared to the large scale of the earth's surface. It seems that its just I am just .000000000000*insert more zeroes*1 of the earth.

It was very big that I'm too excited to explore even though it seems impossible and too overwhelming, still I wanna see every corners of the earth --God's wonderful creations (including me and you).

Look at the map. Could you see just how small Singapore is? And how big China is? How many islands does Philippines has? Or how vast the water formations are?  How many mountains, roads or bridges the earth has? 
How many wonderful beaches there are? Restaurants? Malls? Parking Lots? Dogs? Mango Trees? People with blue colored hair? People with 52 kilos weight? Or pair of shoes exists?

So many questions right?

It's just that if you come to think of it, you couldn't manage to think of it because it's very vast. And really that made God a an awesome God who put together everything that is beautiful. So humans don't destroy or exploit it. Thank you.

I realized while zooming in and out of google maps that the earth has everything that God could offer but still man chose to be blinded (selfishness and faithless). This made me a bit disappointed even to myself, sometimes I do limit what God could give me, instead of thinking how to explore everything that God gave me already.
Humans had given the privilege to be at the top of  the food chain to every living and nonliving thing --to be in control of these. But most importantly we are too lucky to witness these great wonders and awesome creations!
And rather blessed and favored by the Lord to chanced seeing these things, experience everything life has to offer its just us that limits ourselves--sadly.

Until it kicked in. I could be in any places I want, I could do what I want if God permits me to. But then nothing is impossible with God--so it is not impossible to see and taste every roads of life God has created for me --for everyone who believed.

Let's keep on believing. Keep on exploring and keep wandering! xoxo

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