Newbie Alert! Feed your senses with KITCHENAILS at Alabang Town Center

1/20/2016 07:33:00 PM

Take a break to all the activities you've gone to and have a wonderful relaxation on a weekend is really a nice reward for your so-hardworking, dedicated self. Yes, that's what I told myself when I first heard about  Kitchenails , which had just opened in December 2015 and Alabang Town Center, which is a shuttle away from my place.

So what does nails do in the kitchen you may ask? Well, doing messy stuffs in the kitchen most of the time, when baking, cooking, preparing food, etc., mostly got me including my nails dirty hands that's why I decided to go and get some pampering for some well deserved time hands and nails .

Kitchenails  is a nail salon and spa that conceptualized on using their kitchen tools as well, not really tools for the kitchen but for the nails and spa services they offer yummy ingredients on using their recipes (well, for their spa creams).

Let's start pampering ..

Upon entering, you'll be greeted by the sweet smell hovering inside complemented by a classical music, cute kitchen tools as decors, nice fixtures and comfy couches. It would be nicer if they'd maximize the use of kitchen stuff to embody the concept store using more kitchen equipments like kitchen counters and chairs to bring more of the kitchen experience. Still, what is in there was nice, who does not want couches anyway?

You'll find the chef (receptionist) in the reception area who'd ask you about your order, yes you heard it right. 

The Chef presented what's on the menu,  Single Serve , Entree and Chef Special , which she recommends, you can choose from Lemon Squares, Candied oranges, Spiced Plum pannacotta, Very Berry Muffin and Key Lime Pie. I am too excited to go on and proceed to pampering so after a fast scan menu I chose what captured my eyes, Plum Spice pannacotta , hmmm yum! But sorry to interrupt your imagination because you will not be filling your belly with a dessert but instead you're getting your hands dirty this time but not giving it the reward that it deserves for doing all the baking and cooking and replacing the savory smell of viands to the smell of, Spiced Plum uuughhh pannacotta! And yes still in a nail salon.

My nail server, Jessa
After that she gets the order and asks everything about what and how you want your service to be done. Like on nails, to be trimmed or filed, the massage hard or not, etc. Talk about customization. Then proceed to ushering you to your comfy couch and start this whole new journey of relaxation.

First, soaking my hands on a warm water I think it's for opening up the pores so that the frosting-like cream applied after would sunk into the skin as you would see in the pictures. Hmmm .. the smell is invigorating and the feeling is so relaxing hmmm. If my bedroom would smell like it I would not go out for like the whole week. Haha

Moving on with a plastic wrap, that I usually use my leftover food on covering (or cheesecake batter) to store in the fridge, but now to be wrapped on both my arms which they called baking , so instead of putting it in the oven for heat they used plastic wrap to oven it in your skin, nice one. Clap for this idea!

After a couple of minutes, the wrap was removed and cleanse my hands with a warm damp towel before applying another sweet-smelling cream. And, yes, massage it on my hands and arms, I needed to close my eyes for a bit just to feel it. See the video below and notice the classical music being played.

After the massaging session was the manicure (or pedicure if that's what you chose) with a selection of nail polish you can choose from either the branded ones, organic or gel (which has additional fee) on their nail polish freezer. 

PS. It got me curious so I ask if the fridge is turned on and as expected of course it's not, haha, because the polish would be hard as rock if it was (my crazy self sorry).

I would have chosen a matte polish but unlucky me, they do not have as of the moment. 

While my nail server, Jessa, recommended me to try Ruby Wing, a posh polish which changes color if exposed to sunlight, so me being the curious I agree to try. See the color change above?

After polishing my polish, a nail dryer was given to me and put my hand one at a time but because I'm so clumsy I damaged one nail (immediately) Jessa kindly and quickly removed and reapply the polish again. Thank you Jessa!

When the polish was good to go, I wrapped up my Kitchenails experience sweetly with the desserts they prepared. Sweets on sweets courtesy of Gillian Gail Dessert Buffet all the way from the north to the south.

Another adventure of #TeamAldous on the south. Aldous thanks!

And shoutout to my new friend Louisse of  over there, more adventures to come.
You know what I mean;)

UG Commerce Ave. Entrance, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
Contact Number: (02) 815 6350
Instagram: kitchenails

Pampering session till the next guys! Thanks for dropping by here! ;)

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  1. Hmmm..ano kaya future adventures nyo ni Louise? haha

    1. Adventures on commuting 101 haha

    2. Haha! Love this post Jackie! And yes! Commuting 101!! See you soon!


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