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12/11/2015 07:58:00 PM

What better way to spend a Saturday night than to chill out, listen to live urban and eat your heart out with an assortment of cuisines in one roof (actually some parts does not have one).


A new food park found at Congressional Ave. in Quezon City named URBAN EATS. It was just a two-week old food place in the area but dang, it already sold its concept to the market that fast. What sets it apart was that they had everything in one place. A private room for small events which could house 30 persons more or less, (there's also a karaoke inside), an indoor and outdoor dining area, and soon will rise a roof deck dining place as well. And of course different food kiosks which offer various dishes and food trips.

It was at its soft opening when we visited but already fully operational. They had a live band that night which was a good entertainment.

We sat in the outside area which is near the band and other food houses. It's just not that convenient to stay outside because during our stay there came a light rain, thankfully just for a minute or two. Also it's a bit inconvenient for your bags because since its outside you could not just let it sit alone beside you, or put it in the rocky floor that also gave some of us an uneven chair. I suggest you stay in the indoor area, its less hassle and much safer.

They also had this love lock wall and the back area with water and light effects.

What I like most was the artsy walls they had OOTD's perfect for some and Instagramers.


After a little tour around, we're now ready to fill up our tummies.
Here are some of the food stalls with their delicious foods you have found in this new hub. 

A Korean food stall named WYK was first to reach our table.  
According to them, they had a Korean partner who prepares the food. An A  nyoung Haseyo  (Hello) from their stall awaits you.

They served Samgyupsal set (P250) . Lettuce, kimchi, eggroll, fried pork cutlets, spring onions with chili paste, raw garlic with dipping sauces are those that you'd expect there. It was eaten in a way that you'll put everything in the lettuce wrap it then dip it in the sauce prepared and dunk in your mouth. Lots of flavor bursts inside my mouth, the pork was a little bland for me though but it's cooked just right. The spicy spring onion was overpowering the flavors of the others but in a good way.  

The Spicy Pork (P105) on the left, pork cutlets with chili sauce I think, it's the orangey one, was not that spicy with a touch of sweetness while on the right is the Bulgogi (P105) pork cutlets.  

Now we go to Japan and  NIHON RIYORI .  A Japanese food stall next yummy served their specialties.
 Nihon Riyori's  facebook page.

Spicy Salmon Tartare (P110)
, the spicy Salmon Tartare to be wrapped in nori sheets with fried wanton bits. For an average spicy-eater like me, it's not full on spicy. The Salmon was fresh and the overall taste was okay considering I am not a person nori.

This is my favorite in this batch, Ebi Tempura Poppers (P140) . In other words, small pieces of tempura shrimp and cheese fried and drizzled with mayo and nori strings. I can taste the creamy cheese inside but I did not notice the shrimp. But whatever I always love tempura. I suggest you order this when you're there. 

This succulent Bacon-Wrapped Tuna Yakitori,  has a nice combination of flavors and has this dense factor in each chunks of it.   

A Japanese version of your wonted sandwich Jolly Hotdog , sausage topped with fried white onions, mayo and nori strings which they call the Nihon Bun (P135) .  

Last one from the batch was this Japanese Misono Beef Wrap (P140) . Mini tortilla wraps of beef misono, shreded cabbage, cheese and mayo.  

Next up, VALENTINA'S , a food stall situated in the outside area, which you can easily identify with its bright yellow color with its upfront menu. 

One of their bestsellers and a remarkable one from this batch was the Scallops Florentine (P120) . Baked scallops with cheese and some pesto greenish-ey something. 

Hainanese Chicken (P120)  with cucumbers, ginger sauce and some chili sauce. I like the ginger sauce but the chicken was a bit dry. I think it lacks some flavor because it does not have the skin on it. And I was also looking for the greenish Hainanese rice.

Sauteed Chicken with tomato sauce which you'll wrap the lettuce called Chicken Lettuce Cup (P120) . 

Following is this smokey joint named J OEY'S BBQ & amp; GRILL , with their grilled specialties. For this ones carnivore's the place you'll like.

A closer view inside the food stalls which you could zoom in to their menu.

Chicken BBQ (P35)  and the Pan Grilled Sausage (P150) served with white onions you must try.  

Lemongrass Grilled Pork Belly (P100 with rice)
If the serving was that big then this is a steal.

No need to go to another region for the original yummy emapanada because now you can find it in the 17 branches already here in the square.  ILOCOS EMPANADA Farina's  is famous for their Ilocos Ilocos Empanada and other  delicacies . Check out their facebook page.  

A closer look at their menu.

The famous Ilocos Empanada Special (P50) which composes of shredded papaya, egg, sausage and Ilocos wrapped in dough and fried this orangey to crisp along with their special vinegar really taste so good. Its simple yet it taste really extraordinary. Now I'm craving!  

A new and unique masterpiece of Fariñas is this Ilocos Sausage Pizza (P190) which was good for sharing. This tortilla pizza has onion, tomato sauce, sausage meat and lots'a cheess.  
Really a crowd pleaser, so good!

The sausage along with rice and egg was served without its skin hence called Longganisang Nude (P115) --their version of Longsilog. 

If I'm not mistaken this is the Pancit Bagnet (P160) good for 2-3 persons sharing. Just more of the Bagnets please.  

And then there's this Special Miki (P85) good for sharing in a rainy day. ;)  

Another food stalls found at the rear corner called HUNGRY KNIGHTS , not easily seen but you need to go find the knights in shining armor not really because they are to hungry to put it on (D) to taste something very unusual but good posted on their armory menu.   

Shrimplet Gladiators (P160)  Shrimp shelled and head pieces swims off with this creamy, rich sauce with corn and carrot. Heard this was one of the best here in Urban Eats and a must try and yes it is.

Dragon Wings (P155)  Chicken wings coated with some glaze that tastes just like the tempura sauce spicier.

Hola! If you're feeling a bit Mexican try  TAQUERIA MANOLO Y MARGARITA .

This is most likely a Burrito Chicken Burrito (P175) as I can tell from the white meat inside.  

The Chocolate Overload (P175) , but also a nice appetizer served a little late so we are a bit full, along with French Fries which I could not say no to because, I'm sorry bias this time, its FRIES my dear.    

We now move to the craziest waffle and Urban Eats, CRAZY WAFFLE Their stall was also cute with those colorful arts and wall hanging light bulbs. They serve savory and sweet waffles. Check their facebook page here . 

Waffle Burger,  is a classic burgers sandwiched in a waffle. It was a little on the salty side and let the waffles became crispy.

Happy Gilmore , is their take on the classic BLT but in a Waffle (sand) Wich. Their waffle lacks crispiness but the flavors were there.

The cutest among the food stalls here is BABITA , its like Barbies' dessert house. Just take a look at their menu and stop drooling. 


It's not only for picture taking purposes but also a good dessert for sharing with peers or family after eating various food from different food stalls. This S'mores Dip (P145) with crushed Oreos on top was so oooey-gooey good because it was freshly served hot.  

 Also a variety of their over-the-top Shakes was served to us. All was too cute and really overflowing. From left to right, Mocha S'mores shake (P155) , Salted Caramel & amp; Peach Pie Shake (P150) and Banana and Peanut Butter Shake (P145). Also a great palete cleaser for savory foods above.

With Parisian inspired theme, and display of wines and spirits,  QUENCH,  from the name itself, serves non-alcoholic, juice, iced tea and soft drinks to alcoholic beverages.

I got to sample and literally took a sip from his beer float (P75) and this blue-colored Margarita I guess, so strong it punches right back. Kidding aside, for me yes it really is. Disclaimer: I do not drink so I'll just give you the comment of a non-drinker.  

And here came the finale of the food feast only at Urban Eats. The Fish Bowl Tea (P60) , which we did not really got to finish because all of us were too full. 
Instead, we carry it and take a picture with it along with the new people (friends soon) I met. Which, the quote on the wall was so pretty suitable to us.

Special thanks to Aldous for making this event possible, for the invite and for the early Christmas gift (with a price tag) haha. Thanks also to the bloggers I got the chance to meet. See you all again!

71 Congressional Ave. Ext. QC.
Contact nos .: 09178437078;  (02) 624 0931

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