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12/23/2015 06:50:00 PM

I always pass by Mesa Filipino Moderne in Greenbelt which I thought that it was some super high end restaurant because it was aligned with other fancy diners. Until this day that I got invited to have a taste of what they offer and was very glad I came since it was far from my place.

If you are thinking of where to have your family reunion, get together with friends, a sumptuous dinner with a special someone, or just being a foodie yourself this holiday season then you have to head on to MESA. Not just only a great dinning venue, but also expect a unique food selection. Also a nice place to bring your foreign friends or Balikbayans here for a traditional Filipino food version 2.0.

PS. Sorry for a low res photo, don't have a decent cam that day.

Mesa, a Tagalog term for table, presents a classic and modern Filipino favorites in a whole lotta new twists and techniques using traditional recipes and high quality ingredients which came with a very reasonable price, really.

Indeed a Christmas feast was served and as recommended by Mr. Eric Dee, one of the owners, where he chose personal favorites that he would always eat whenever he's in Mesa. So let's dig in!

What's on our MESA tonight?

Starting with some appetizers like Tinapa Roll wrapped with Lettuce (P155) together he also recommends Sauce no. 5 (name was simply because its the fifth sauce they had made which has been a success), which tastes a little sour, sweet, salty, and overall tasty.

Tofu Salad (P255) soft tofu (taho-like) topped with century egg and a piece of shrimp in a light soy based sauce. It was my first time to try a salad like this, eat it with everything because the flavors were amazing.

When trying to figure out what's with Hito Flakes on Spoon (P195), it hit me right on. I love the contrating textures and crispy layers of Catfish meat topped with mango salad, it was similar to Thailand's catfish salad.

After those indulging appetizers, of course let's go straight to Mesa's signature dish and the star of the night. Or should I say the star of all other filipino dishes. Because well, its too big, too shiny, and darn delicious to not keep your eyes and hand off it. Crispchon (half P2,400) served in two yummy ways.

First was wrapped in Pandan crepe, Wansuy, Cucumber and Leeks together with 6 sauces you can choose from; Rikki's choice, Garlic, Sweet chili, Spicy pork liver, Wansuy infused and Curry Mustard. My personal choice is the Spicy Pork Liver and Wansuy Infused sauce.

The second one was sauteed in garlic and chili, which I prefer more, I love eating Lechon the ordinary way but this time amped up with garlic and chili (uhhmm let's move on, I'm salivating by the thoughts of it).

Next was their must try Chicken Binakol Soup (P260), forgive me for being too ecstatic and forgot to take photo maybe because I was too indulge in siping the soup and hunting the buko meat in it my first time to try this kind of soup which has this unique comfort from the tasty broth.

Another highlight of the night was this River Shrimps or Swahe on the Rocks (P295). Really an attention-getter because it was prepared and cooked on our table while everyone was capturing its magical moment in just a minute or two it was cooked in this pipping hot lava rocks.

My favorite besides the lechon of course, was their Garlic Chicken (P220). While according to Mr. Eric Dee, this sweet-garlicky-juicy chicken was not really that popular with the Mesa diners. But since it's his personal favorite and a family original recipe he let us try it out. And yes it must be on the must try list here. Perfect Execution I must say. I enjoy making papak the garlic in it because it was sweet and not nakakaumay (conyo eh?).

Crispy Boneless Tilapia served with 4 sauces (P340) The array of sauces gave me excitement to try everything and hence I liked the honey chili sauce more.

This Baby squid in Olive oil (P310) served with garlic and laurel too cute to eat. A little salty but was flavorful I suggest to eat this with rice.

Coming from a not-so-laing eater like me this Laing in 2 ways (P170), original and crispy, was converting me to a laing person now.

Sigarilyas sa Gata (P195) 
FYI, I just found out that sigarilyas is called Wing beans, new knowledge. ;)

Of course Filipino food wouldn't be complete without any rice dish, so we had Duck Basil Fried Rice (P205). Tasty rice with bits of duck meat, chili and basil, just right doesn't overpower other viands.

Capping off the scrumptious Filipino feast was this unique beverage which the server ask me if I would like to try either Kamias or Sampaloc, without any hesitation I said Sampaloc Shake 
a very nice mix of sour and sweet for a nice palette cleanser. Sarap lang!

Thanks for the invite again Aldous, I know still have utang, hahah. But really thanks for the invites eventough I'm from the mountain top.
Pleasure to meet another batch of bloggers and Mr. Eric Dee for having us.
Merry Christmas!!

MESA Filipino Moderne
Third Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City
Contact No. 0917-852-MESA(6372)
Website: http://mesa.ph/
Twitter: @MesaPhilippines
Instagram: @MesaFilipinoModerne

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