12/31/2015 08:42:00 PM

Simplicity is what I realized I've missed. Simplicity which most of us forgot. 

A simple smile, could give hundreds of heartfelt 'thank you's. A simple handshake could bring such joy and appreciation. 'Hello and Hi' can make everyone feel welcomed. A candy can make a child jump for joy. A hug can make the elderly feel loved. Unfussy old Tagalog song could still make everyone dance, sing, worship and be touched. * Nostalgia creeps * And a prayer that leaves everyone hope and a great grasp of faith in the Lord.

Every Christmas CICF Church (Convergence International Christian Fellowship) gives out bags / baskets of goods to the church members and some non-church members something to be used for their Noche Buenas. This year I got to join one in San Campus --a very very long drive on but really worth the time, which for me, more time to sleep (hehe!). With my parents and 2 other church friends who are in this mission had stayed overnight.

Some pictures taken on Day 1
Upon arrival at San Jose Church CICF
Gift giving time!
They are so happy and so am I --those heart-melting happy faces made my day.
After giving the gift bags we got to have some merianda courtesy of them.

Its that simple acts that made me appreciate the journey I had in San Jose this weekend. It leaves me the feeling of joy to be a channel of blessing. Making me feel so much blessed to bless. Witnessing and capturing the joy in the hearts of the children, youth and elders who take part with my journey here made me feel great, fulfilled and contented --something that I never felt before.
I am grateful even more. I did not expect it to affect me in an awesome way. I feel ecstatic in fullfilling this mission.

Now its Day 2 of gift giving mission, Sunday service, and Christmas party in Cabanatuan. My dad was the one who preached at the service sharing the good news about our Savior Jesus Christ, and along with my mom, and some church friends who greeted the whole church a blessed Christmas.

Youth Ministry presentation
Children's Ministry presentation

Paagaw still more!
I was more than thrilled to throw those candies and coins cause I know that this would give the children joy.

With my parents and some friends church which was my companion in this short stay, became my inspiration for devoting their time and effort just to give the gifts of love to our fellow CICF family in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija.

Our Potluck Lunch. Yum!

Got recharged from the lunch, watermelon were awesomely sweet. Then off we go to Laguna backing.

What I'll keep:
Everything I've witnessed in Cabanatuan, I hope and pray that this feeling would remain in my heart forever.

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