#JACKIEATS | Bappled at BANNAPLE, Ayala Triangle Gardens

10/17/2015 06:49:00 PM

Banapple is my choice for top of mind, of course, its famous ever delish my favorite Banoffee pie! But they do not just have scrumptious desserts, they also caries variety of Entrees, Pastas, Salads, Sandwiches, etc. I also liked how they do not scrimp on serving size.

One of my favorite money-worthy fine dining restaurants around that's been serving quality and delicious food, delicious I mean by tummy-filled satisfaction guaranteed!

This oh so cute ceiling / store design is so dreamy. Love how its looks so fairytale-ish.

Section which they uniquely designed by using marbles, simple yet quirky.

So that was me and my friend having our dinner here and Banapple. Look how happy she was haha.

Succulent ribs glazed with smokey barbecue ribs that very very good girl two hungry stomachs. Not dry at all and very flavourful.

Salpicao RAFAEL (P225)
Cubes of rib-eye steak with mushrooms in their special brown sauce with bits of garlic. This is not a typical Salpicao because its saucy more on the sweet side. Nevertheless I liked their version and their generosity on the serving. The beef was tender and juicy.

But before I also tried the LASAGNA ROLL-UPS (P210)
On two rolls served with 2 slices of garlic bread. One roll-up will make you instantly full, yes it will. I'm not really a fan of this one I find it sour, but my friend liked it.
Upper left (Creamy Baked Penne D) Upper right (Lasagna Roll Ups)
Lower left (Dark Choco Smoothie)
Another one was the CHEESY CREAMY BAKED PENNE (P215)
Oh this one is served on a big bowl and yes it was also big on the serving. I could not finish it despite of my hungry-ness. But this one I so so love! The cheesy white sauce with a heaping of Hungarian sausage slices makes me go 'Back off, this is my thing!'.

There's also the DARK CHOCOLATE SMOOTHIE (P125)
Its refreshing but I could not taste how dark the chocolate they used, but it taste good.

** I tell you the serving of most plates is almost for two. So if you're not a heavy eater better have someone to share it with - if you're on solo, have the other half on take out.

Banoffee pie (P115 slice / 840 whole)
And ending our satisfaction to this delicious night will be the best of the best for me (so far) hands down! Whipped cream compromises the sweet dulce de leche caramel in between fresh banana chunks and of course the crust! Everything's just calorie worthy!

Other info about Banapple you have checked their pages below:

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