Start of something new!

7/05/2014 11:27:00 PM

Hi ya'll!

I miss the blogging world for almost 2 or 3 weeks. Been busy on our start-up-stage in our family business. Praying for it to outlast and be blessed by the Lord.

We had started it 2 weeks ago and the first 2 weeks was doing great, and all of us are still adjusting, money is still rolling and place is still improving.

Patience is a must! While I am on my adjusting state on business I really learned that I need a lot, like A LOT of patience on doing all the accounting, cashier, managerial tasks, as well as cook and employee most of the time. At first it is hard, but now I gotta enjoy the moment even though sometimes it is not, just gotta deal with it with a smile :)

So, what our business is all about? It is a food business on a school setting.

Anyhow, I am hopeful for this new endeavor! Praying for the Lord's guidance and long patience for me! 
Thank You God!

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