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6/05/2014 01:53:00 AM

Another teas-perience I had today! Tokyo Bubble Tea is a milk tea place but what makes them different --keep you coming back--is their extensive menu of Japanese dishes and now they also offer some Korean Sizzlers! Which I really wanna try it myself.

Located in The Fort Residences (complete address at the bottom) and with other 5 branches across the metro. Sharing it with a co-McWilson Group of Restaurant is Honeybee Patisserie.
A milk tea place where I was aghast coming in surprisingly no counter or cashier is there, because its a fine dining restaurant as well--which of course you will notice that its not a typical milk tea shop in your neighborhood. The interiors were nice and bright. When I get there I noticed that the place was a bit packed I think because its still lunch time, between 1pm-2pm. And I noticed that the waiters doesn't greet or thank anyone who enters or exits the store, I wonder why.

Then I saw their menu on the table where I sat. I browse, browse and browse it then I had my eye

landed on their Takoyaki. But, I got confused as to what drink would I ask for. I really wanted to try their milk tea cause I heard good things about it but I also wanted to try their milkshakes. So, got torn between the Royal milk tea, which I supposed their bestseller or Double Choco milkshake. Then I decided I was there for their milk tea so ordered their Royal milk tea with small bubbles and 50% sugar. Comes with choice of small or big bubbles or substitute it with other toppings (pudding, taro, mango something, etc.)
Btw, you can check their menu here Menu of TBT.

Geez, their Takoyaki or octopus balls, taste like the real thing there is bonito flakes in there, some seaweed strings, takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. It has a side dish of some kind of a salad or cabbage with carrot, corn and thousand island with black sesame on top--love it. The takoyaki balls made me full easily I only ate 4 of it which I'm kinda surprised.

Their Royal milk tea with 50% sugar is what I would drink for that fine afternoon, just the right kind of mix with froth on top. And their ice is crushed not the big cubes which made the drink 75 milktea : 25 ice.

They were also kind to transfer my drink to the plastic cup when I requested to have it take out as well as the remaining takoyaki. They also handed me coupons when they return my change.

And I wish to come back & try their pastas, noodles & other drinks.

Tokyo Bubble Tea
Unit 1 and 2 Ground floor, The Fort Residences, 30th St. cor. 2nd Ave., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 
TEL: 478-7483 
Mon - Sun 11:00 am - 1:00 am

Website (FYI, this is a cute site)

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