10 Reasons that made my Dad the Coolest Person I Had Ever Met

6/15/2014 07:37:00 PM

When I tell people that I am a pastor's kid their initial reaction was that I lived in a strict and conservative-christian-ruled home (I got that often). But no, it isn't. 'Cause my dad was the--sorry for overrated word--"COOLEST" person I had ever met! He isn't too strict (but my mom was, that balanced it out I guess), I know he knew that he was confident with the the kind of upbringing that they (mom & dad) carried out to me and my brother. Though we had problems as a family but we remained still with God's guidance and protection. 
PS. This would contain throwback pictures of us :D

So anyway, here's why my Dad's the coolest:

1. First hair braid tutorial I got, was from you. That's an unusual talent you got there! I can still remember you thought me by braiding my barbie doll's hair when I was still 4 or maybe 5 years old. T'was the most memorable thing I learned from you.

2. You were my performer and entertainer! Voice recording, story telling and dancing "Beautiful Feet" while I'm laughing out loud. And how you also mimic me move and talk before that I can't stop laughing so hard my tummy ached.
Pogi mo dito, anchaba ko
3. My best friend till now on my 20 plus years of existence. You let me decide for myself, I know that it's for me to learn on my own but still kept an eye on me when I failed on my decisions. Always do lends me a hand to keep my spirits soar with your guidance.

Whatcha doin with mommy's bag? haha, the way you carry it while she fit clothes.
4. Shopping buddy! When I needed clothes for my corporate attire in college, you were my companion in shopping and choosing clothes--and I never felt uneasy. Oh also at groceries!
He always got my back or hands rather.
5. My counselor. Usually girls consult their problems to their mom but in my case I always confer it to my dad. I just felt more open and comfortable discussing my problem in my studies, career and of course mommy probs (haha), etc.

6. MacGyver! Yes, a very resourceful person he is which I'm thankful I had adopted it from him. From Do-it-yourself house repairs to fixing my girly stuffs, etc. He always got it! You were always a Macgyver man (def. below).

"Resourceful and possessed of an encyclopedic knowledge of the physical sciences, he solves complex problems by making things out of ordinary objects, along with his ever-present Swiss Army knife. He prefers non-violent resolutions and prefers not to handle a gun."

7. Good chef! Aspiring chef as I am. One of the things we bond about was cooking food and devouring it! hihi

8. Cool Church Pastor. Not just he always made his preachings very insightful he was also a very selfless person I know. I am a witness. Instead of getting angry to a gasoline guy which accidentally make our tank full (1,200++ pesos) when we just ask for a 200 peso worth of gasoline, still, he paid for the mistake of the guy which was not necessary since it's his fault but instead of blaming, he forgive and help him not letting it deducted from his salary. Though my dad doesn't have the budget for that and had to borrow money still he owned up another person's mistake. It was inspiring. Continue sharing the good news!
How sweet
9. A very loving, patient and understanding Husband to my mom. Really! (let me emphasize on the PATIENCE haha *peace* Ma)
Continue to look upon Jesus for guidance.
10. And lastly because you are yourself! Yes, I will always be your girl (kahit mahanap ko na si the one ko chos!)

Always been thankful to the Lord for bringing you to us--to me. You're the greatest blessing that I had. Though I am not expressive with my feelings but I always will love you Daddy!

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