#JACKIEATS | L.E.S. (Lower East Side) BAGELS, New York Deli Bakery Now Open at PODIUM

4/05/2016 11:57:00 PM

L.E.S. BAGELS was new york inspired bakery which just recently opened their second store at the Podium in Ortigas.

This donut-shaped bread known as Bagels was popular nowadays in New York and now hits Manila. Strategically located within central business district in Ortigas and Mckinley (first location). Although I was too familiar with it, it was really long ago when I tried it so I completely don't remember how that was. So I said I need to give it a try once more because I've been curious since I'm seeing posts from New York foodies about bagels.

Behind-the-camera: We've got a bagel and cream cheese brunch buffet here. Lots of combination of flavors
that you can try. Mix-and-Match is the name of the game!

Bagels are priced from P40 to P100 a la carte while you can buy the cream cheese separately (small, med, large sizes) or 'just in a bagel'.

They also serve specialty coffee from Yardstick, hot or cold to drink along whilst eating your bagels. I got the Iced Brew (P120) which I suggest you also ask for a sugar syrup so as not to shock your tastebuds because its really just plain black brew coffee over ice.

The bagels that they have are chewy, doughy and with touch of crisp outside. Best to be eaten hot; well, because bagels tend to be like a rock if it's a day/s old.
Note: If you take them home better always to heat it before serving.

In picking your bagels you may also want to consider the cream cheese you'd pair it with. You may request for a taste test of the cream cheese they have before you could decide what to partner your bagel.

Yup, that's a lot of bagel!

Yes there are lots of everything to choose from. Bagels -- plain of course, garlic, sesame seeds black/white, or everything (every topping on a plain one), wheat, pumpernickel, chocolate and a lot more.

Now, moving on to the cream cheese -- there's also a lot I mean I got confused on what to pair with. Of course again there's plain good ol' cream cheese and from the savory ones like garlic & chives, jalapeño cheddar, bacon cheddar, sundried tomato & basil, lox (a popular choice, cream cheese with salmon), etc. to the sweet ones like blueberry (this would be a staple when it comes to cream cheese), strawberry, apple cinnamon.

My Plate of assorted bagels and cream cheese.
My favorites among the bagels (or flavors that stand out) were garlic, wheat (with/without sesame) and chocolate --I can eat chocolate without any filling because it had bits of chocolate inside.
While from the cream cheese were bacon cheddar (obviously for me), jalapeño cheddar (some spice won't hurt), sundried tomato and basil, garlic & chives, and blueberry.

Not only bagels are what kept people coming it is also because of their array of sandwiches and of course their yummy desserts.

That horizontal resting bar is the Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie (P180) it is a cheesecake on a body of a brownie. Not too sweet.

Another was the Fudge Brownie (P140), I like the moist and chewiness of it.

Another good choice was their Oatmeal Maple Cream Cookie (P85). Creamy filling sandwiched in an oatmeal crisp is a must to try.

Ending  with the very popular but rare, a homemade version of our favorite (Homemade) Oreo (P40) a good take on Oreo just bigger and more cream. Yummers!

Moreover this store has a lot of potential because they're the first bagel store here in the Philippines. I would really come back for more and I've got my eye on the Espresso Hazelnut Brownie and their sandwiches like Reuben which was pretty popular but so not on the wallet --I guess I'll need a friend to share. haha

And a shot of me from my dear friend, Louisse.

PS. I also meet the manager and marketing people of the store, James Santos and Pri. Thank you for the invite!
PPS. I would like to follow up on my suggestion for a new flavor --oreo or cookies and cream cheese flavored filling because it's a must combination. ;)

2F, The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Contact: (02) 804 0423

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