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Another day spent by exercising the art of commuting. I can't believe that I will be able to go to laguna or to Nuvali (to be exact) by myself. I was in a lost-but-think-positive-stage already because I didn't expect it to be that far.
I am coming from Bacoor in Cavite and my route is to ride a shuttle at SM Bacoor going to Alabang (P40), I alight at South Station and ride a jeepney to Balibago, Sta. Rosa (P35) from there I ask the tricycle driver I saw where to ride going to Nuvali, then ride that tricycle going to Nuvali (P20). It doesn't crossed my mind that it was a 20-minute tricycle drive, buti na lang mura lang ng pamasahe, nakakagulat

Upon arrival at Nuvali, It has been four years since the last time I've been there of course many things has been built I got a bit lost in finding Solenad 3, thank God my instincts were correct, I followed the lighted tunnel and then cross and walk and cross and look around and walk and at last I found big blue green colored letters --NONNA'S.

Nonna's, italian word for grandmother, is a new restaurant concept of the owner of Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen. A nice industrial and modern pieces they had with al fresco area outside that sets a very inviting and relaxing mood to all the diners that looked so happy chit-chatting and eating at the same time. At 8:30pm people continued to line up for a table to grab a bite of what they had to offer.
Btw, the staffs were overall friendly and courteous.

Food started to rain on our table, t'was a feast for the eye, yun palang busog na.

One of the best dish I've tasted tonight was the Mushroom Chicharon (P160), fried oyster mushroom served with vinaigrette --tastes similarly like crispy chicken skin. I swear when I return I will order this again! Really, this was the best meal starter.

Fresh Salmon Carpaccio (P375), thinly sliced fresh salmon pieces with arugula, parmesan and sliced grapes drizzled with olive oil topped with parmesan cheese.

Insalata Caprese P(225), Cherry tomato, basil and carabao's milk kesong puti with balsamic and EVOO. I always like EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and balsamic combined.

Wild Arugula Salad (P325), freshly harvested arugula, some fried mushroom, parmesan and a runny fried egg. This bitter tasting arugula was the best starter for the star of the night pizza and pasta.

Called Nonna's Lemonade (P85), a basil infused lemonade which was a great palette cleanser in between dishes.

The flat noodle pasta served to us are made fresh on a daily basis which they double up the egg yolk for a tastier one. So expect a pasta that tastes like egg noodles but theirs is really flavorful and well freshly made who wouldn't want that.

Starting up the pasta with all time staple favorite Fettuccine Carbonara (P245) with big (yes, big and thick) bacon pieces, pecorino romano, egg and black pepper.

Salmon Caviar Pasta (P350) with alfredo sauce, fresh smoked salmon, chives and topped with caviar. This was a new pasta experience for me since I was used to the traditional pasta recipes.

And the pasta star was the Vesuvio (P495), named after a volcano in Italy. Presentation wise, really looked like a volcano in a creamy and yummy eruption on an assembly of rigatoni stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta, peas, italian meatball and egg. The sauce was a perfect combination of red (marinara), white (bechamel or alfredo) and green (pesto) which overall was making me feel want to have another plate for this please? A volcanic party in my mouth!

Now let's move on to another worth the wait, pizzaaaaaa! My stomach was really really on happy tummy mode. With their pizzas using a 00 flour and rises 24 hour before it lands on your plate.

Tip: You may want to try the chilli honey on the pizza instead of hot sauce, yes honey because it is said to release the flavor of the pizza well.

The All-Meat Pizza (P450) ladies and gents, Nonna's version with their homemade italian sausage, along with bacon, salami, pomodoro and mozzarella. Yummers!!

Kimchi Pizza (P395) is a new twist from italian pizza to korean. They also use a homemade korean sausage this time along with kimchi, sesame seeds, scallions and soy glaze. If you're into spicy or loves korean food give this a try.

Of course who can resist this Tutti Formaggi (P350)? No one! Neither three, nor four, but five cheese goodness in this FIVE-CHEESE-OOOEY-GOOOEY-CHEESY PIZZAAA capslock for emphasis.

But wait, they not only boast on their pizza and pasta but also their desserts needs its own show.

The Pizzaokie (P225) super moist freshly baked cookie topped with vanilla ice cream and mallows. And the Creme Brulee (P165) fresh and creamy.

You know that it was a good Creme Brulee when you got that crackling sound of the caramelized sugar at the top to get the smooth and creamy leche flan-like beneath it. And there they have it!

Everyone's been digging this smores'-like warm cookie pizza with cold vanilla ice cream transporting me into cloud nine. Hmmmm.. talking about how good life is.

Sorry to interrupt but I think it's time for you to experience it yourself,  go now to Solenad and try NONNA'S!

GFF-1 Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Contact no: 09498898959

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  1. Love your review on Nonna's! <3 Something new to try in Nuvali.


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