Sunday Currently 03 | Hello 2016! Thank You 2015!

1/03/2016 10:44:00 PM

*photo not mine

2015 got a lot of stories to tell, overcome adventures and opportunities that opened. Also some mishaps and a bit of brokenness that made me realize things more.
I got to be more of who I really am because I learned courage. I realized that I can give more than what I usually do in terms of someone special, and learned to not give more than enough. I learned to become more of a business woman and had developed my arithmetic skills (mental computation leveled up! haha). I got to take care and be concerned more of other people because of the Alpha course I took up in our church. I realized that simplicity brought out the rawness and beauty of a place called Cabanatuan. And I become more independent and audacious as a youth leader than before. More than everything I realized I got a knack in the blogging world as a beginner and also I thank Aldous Calubad of  for blogger event invites. ;) (More to come hihi)
More importantly I thank You Lord for giving me the blessing of family, business, friendship and much more lessons to carry on to this new year.

Hello 2016! I challenge you to give me more projects to come, lessons to learn, adventures to take, places to see and of course people to meet. And who knows maybe I'll become a believer of forever this time (haha). # DARE2016

This day was full of surprises and laughters (as in pure laughter ung) with my church friends, more bondings to closer relationship and foodtrips (oops, magpapapayat that right?).

So here's my first Sunday Currently for year 2016! Yey!

At last I've finished the book that I told you about in my sunday currently 02  entitled, The Probability of Love at First Sight. The plot is cute and the characters are witty and straightforward. Try to read it. Go!


Sunday currently volume 3 // New Year's greeting blog posts and other pending // food-resto reviews.


This is living by Hillsong Young and Free. Super LSS. "See the sun ... lalalala ..."

of revamping my blog.


the scent of  my newly brushed teeth. Smile!


That this blog would continue to fly high. #DreamBIG # DARE2016


to find a right dress for the wedding I'll attend to in 2 weeks time. Also I hope to find my purpose (career) the real, raw and right. (Wow)


Simple comfy pink  household (abstract zebra shorts and top) . (Ps. Didn't you noticed I write whenever I'm at home.)


2016! New endeavors and laughters to share.

to continue feeling positive the next days and not feeling hungry all the time. #OperationBalikAlindog2016 

to finish this and sleep. Back to work tomorrow, ugh. Needing mooooooooooooore time and sleep! Time to do my backlog posts.

to fix my cluttered messy room.  


great for the start of the year! I declare God's favor and mold me to become more spiritually matured.

(Oooh this one's new) Publish button! Finally.

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